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About Dr. Shankar N Kashyap

Shankar N Kashyap is an orthopaedic surgeon originally from Bangalore, India practicing now in the United Kingdom. He has had extensive experience in publishing scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals over the last 25 years. His first book, “A Kangaroo Court: A Triumph of mediocrity” was published in 2011.

Over the years he has been interested in ancient history of India and has undertaken extensive research into the subject. The aim is to take readers through the third millennium BCE in India using archaeological and literary evidence available along with characters and events from the enormous Vedic corpus. There has been a resurgence of historical fiction novels, particularly the success of Christian Jacq with Ramses series. There has been very little written about the great Indus Valley Civilisation in the popular press and most of what is written has been aimed at serious historians and archaeologists. Many have always wondered what the life was like during the period of that great civilisation. The Harappa Series consists of six books, each dealing with different aspects of Indian pre-history in a fictional form. The first three books of the series – Lure of Soma, Fall of Shuruppak and Dasharajna: The Battle of Ten Kings have been published so far.

This is his first foray into crime fiction.  True events of an unfortunate murder spurred him to write this.  Coming from a medical background, the psychological aspects of the case intrigued him and he has brought out the conflict of faith, beliefs and emotions in this book.

What readers say about my Books

Graham Hancock

“I loved Shankar Kashyap’s novel, Harappa: The Lure of Soma. An epic tale of mystery, black magic, love, and adventure set in the most intriguing period of India’s ancient history, it wraps you up in the predicament of its central characters and stands as a magnificent and compelling parable of the age-old battle of good against evil.”

Graham Hancock,
Author of the international bestseller
“Fingerprints of the Gods”

David Frawley

“Shankar N Kashyap has created a brilliant and fascinating story about one of the most mysterious eras in human history, yet one that has implications for all humanity even today. His narrative draws us back to the ancient era of India of the Sarasvati River, long before most of what we call civilization, and sheds light upon the profound culture that existed then and its relevance for the entire world.”

David Frawley
Director of American Institute of Vedic Studies
Author of “Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda”,
and thirty other books

Dr. Shershah Syed

SHANKAR KASHYAP is a natural story teller with a great sense of imagination which is not only vivid but also realistic in all aspects. Like a master creator, he has created a world in the ruins of Harrapa and Mohenjo daro. Once he establishes his characters – and their culture, tradition, and beliefs – they almost become alive and start behaving the way they should have done so in their lives. It is but natural to have all known human emotions and experiences in the lives of his characters, and one finds love, romance, politics, conspiracies, wars and natural disasters in his world.
The plot has an element of suspense from the very beginning. The story opens up and tells us about the lost civilization’s culture, tradition and believe system. He goes into the geographical details of 5,000 years old territory and stays within the borders of countries with their political issues, personal jealousies, and powerful individuals who desire to change the world for better or worse. This is what exactly is happening in human societies since the age unknown and will continue to happen till the doomsday. Shankar has highlighted all these issues with great sense of imagination and background knowledge of history. More than a master creator, he acted like a god as left the world that he created in these pages on its own after creating it. He has become a historian and record keeper of that world. He writes in detail about the courts and its proceedings. He tells us about the way medicine was practiced in those days. He gives us a detailed account of war, warriors and their weapons. He also carefully describes the rituals playing important role in the lives of people living in that era.
It is a story of love, the beauty of nature, and man’s struggle against those evil forces who are present in our lives from the first day of our self-determination.

Dr. Shershah Syed
Author of “Vision, not just a dream” and winner of
Clinton Global Initiative Award

Dr. S. Balupuri

A story written after historical research into the ancient civilisation. Though it is fiction, the author leads you to visualise life as it would have realistically been in the time frame of Harappa. This has obviously been possible after extensive analysis of the evidence available from Indus Civilisation.
One is led to believe the saga of Soma, which currently is the flavour of fiction and documentaries. I look forward to reading forthcoming sequel of this novel.
A easily readable book though the cover does not do justice to the book- though this a personal preference.

Dr. S. Balupuri

Hemant Misra

Shankar is a great storyteller. He has made me live an ancient in recorded past and kept me yearning for more. An absolute Must Read. Hope there are more to come.

Hemant Misra

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Excellent book – eagerly awaiting next instalment by this author. A must must read for anyone interested in other cultures.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase