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A Kangaroo Court:
A Triumph of Mediocrity

When Upaashantha was appointed as an orthopaedic Surgeon, he thought his life was made. He did not realise he would come across unscrupulous people like Serpe and Pakshar. He ends up fighting incompetence and corruption among the bureaucrats to save his career and life. This book is a damning indictment on greed and treachery among the “noble” medical profession. As the story unfolds, the question of the age renowned adage of “innocent until proven guilty” is thrown to the winds and under the pretext of “patient safety,” the physician is “guilty until proven innocent.” There are further doubts about the ability of the regulatory body to conduct a fair and unbiased enquiry as stipulated in their manifesto. A simple complaint that should possibly have dealt with at a local level develops momentum that spins out control. ‘The title of the book is apt and the concerned organisation is a pack of circus clowns. A must read for the doctors of this land.’ – The Doctor.


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